Precision Photo Etch & Electroform of Thin Metal Products


Shimifrez is Canada’s leading manufacturer of thin metal parts utilizing precision photo chemical etching or chemical milling (PCM). Instead of stamping or laser cutting, photo etching produces accurate and identical thin metal components for small & large batches.​Read More »

Chemical etching/ Photo etching process (PCM)

The process begins by cleaning the sheet metal and coating it with a light sensitive resist which then exposed to ultra violet light through the photo tool, hardening the photo resist where exposure takes place.Then chemicals can make contact and begin the etching cycle.Read More »

Photo Etch Markets of thin metal components

​Shimifrez micro fabrication techniques serve any industry that requires precision sheet metal components. Our capabilities, along with our ability to respond quickly, provide innovative solutions to partners of all sizes worldwide.Read More »

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​Metal in Microns : A designers guide for thin metal parts​

Quality Precision Photo Etched Of Thin Gauge Metal Products Chemical etching/ Photo etching process (PCM) ​With no effects on magnetic properties or physical deformations, Photo etching excels at producing burr free micro components with tolerances down to ± 0.01 mm. Virtually all industries utilize small precision thin metal components including aerospace, defense, telecommunication’s, fashion, micro electronics, medical devices, renewable energy and many more.​

With 30 years of experience Shimifrez specializes in fabricating light gauge metal components. The scope of Shimifrez’s activities in photo etching and electro-forming is far reaching and can include creating critical metal components for instrumentation’s such as micro meshes/grids, lead frames, ultra micro metal parts, gimbal springs, reticles, damper shims, wave guides, RFI/EMI/ESD and board level shielding, BPP’s for fuel cell applications to consumer products such as speaker grills. Components can be manufactured in stainless steels, brass, nickel alloys, beryllium copper, phosphorous bronze, invar, kovar, inconel, DCB substrates and aluminum alloys to name a few.