Training Devices

SHIMIFREZ has created a powerful suite of Virtual Training Products for;

  • Aerospace industry: Providing Pilots Procedures Training as well as General Aircraft Familiarization
  • Aerospace Engineering and Maintenance training devices including simulated critical 3D panels
  • Heavy machinery operators: Custom design to meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Critical Training Devices on a Computer Based Training platform; Custom made to requirements

Shimifrez VTD

With extensive Aerospace industry experience, the Virtual Training Devices combines powerful computer system architecture with a high-fidelity simulation to produce cost effective training devices.

Benefits of


Photorealistic Models

SHIMIFREZ VTDs combines photorealistic models of a flight deck with powerful simulation models enabling an aircraft to be fully represented on single or multiple screen computers.


SHIMIFREZ VTDs can be used by a student for self-paced training and familiarization of the aircraft. This configuration of the Virtual Training Devices can be deployed on existing computer network or made accessible through the internet for Distance Learning. The Virtual Training software can also be used by an instructor and projected in the classroom giving access to accurate full free play simulations.

Highly Configurable

The SHIMIFREZ Virtual Training devices is highly configurable and can be used for both pilot and maintenance training. Using a multiple touch screen configuration, the VTDs can be easily integrated into a pilot training program. The VTDs will reduce fixed base simulator (FBS) sessions providing cost-effective training while making more efficient use of the FBS.

Interactive Training

The SHIMIFREZ VTDs will allow a crew to train on normal and abnormal operation of the aircraft. Using a separate Instructor Station, Malfunctions can be activated allowing students to perform highly interactive procedures training.


SHIMIFREZ Virtual Training hardware and software has been designed to allow for quick customization of a solution that is tailored to specific training requirements. The SHIMIFREZ VTDs can be certified under FAA FTD Level 4 or JAR STD 2A FTD Level 1 requirements.


  • Aircraft Flight Simulation Training
  • Aircraft Engineering Maintenance Training
  • Aircraft Ground Procedures Training
  • Malfunctions Troubleshooting Training
  • Design and fabrication of Simulated Avionics
  • Maintenance and Retrofit of Fix Base simulators and components

Software Architecture

  • All software designed using: Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • Operating System: Microsoft
  • All trainer EFIS/ECAM displays will be anti-liased in real-time
  • Simulated displays will maintain a scheduled 30 hz update rate
  • Software is compatible with use over the customer’s network
  • Configuration files are used to control set-up of 3D-tactile devices

Applications and Markets


Aircraft Simulation

  • Navigational Display
  • Primary Flight Display
  • MCDU
  • Auto flight
  • Systems simulation & overhead panel
  • ECAM simulation (partial)
  • Malfunctions

Navigational Display

  • Range selection
  • Plan Mode
  • Arc Mode
  • Nav Mode
  • Rose VOR Mode
  • Rose ILS Mode
  • Nav aid selections
  • Background information
  • Engine indication

Primary Flight Display

  • Airspeed indicator
  • FMA
  • Flight Director
  • ADI
  • Heading indicator
  • Altitude indicator
  • Localizer & glide slope displays
  • Envelope indications (VLS, Vmo, etc.)


  • All FMS pages
  • Total Free play
  • Flight plan creation & modification
  • Complete data entries
  • Auto & manual radio tuning
  • Real-time predictions
  • Functional in all phases

Auto flight

  • Autopilot
  • Flight Director
  • Auto thrust

Systems Simulation

  • Electrical
  • Fire protection
  • Flight controls (partial)
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulics

ECAM Simulation

  • Upper ECAM
  • Lower ECAM
  • ECAM actions


  • Custom design targeting specific customer training requirements


Front View

Rear View

Overhead Panel Structure

Forward Instrumentation Panel

Center Console (Pedestal)

Server Computer, Power Dist. I/O System

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