Evaporation Masks

Shimifrez supplies custom-made photoetched and electroformed with tiny holes or lines that can fabricate masks for your use in vapour depositing to make OLEDs and other organic circuitry. Burr-free aperture edges and controllable draft angles enable improved deposition performance.



Deposition mask techniques are used in a wide range of vacuum-chamber evaporation and sputtering processes to fabricate both simple and complex micro-engineered electronic components and products. They are increasingly being used to deposit inks onto substrates during the manufacture of flat panel displays. Shimifrez manufacturing technologies provide accuracy and durability advantages over conventional mask manufacturing techniques.

Shimifrez Benefits

Fast Turnaround Prototypes

Delivery of your conctacts and connector in less than 5 days

Reduce the risk of hard tooling

Burr and stress-free components

Design changes and modifications can be done within hours.

Fast lead time for you to reduce your time to market


Single masks, multi-mask sets and frame systems are all available dependent on the application. Finished masks, produced in stainless-steel, Invar and nickel.

Masks (Evaporation, deposition, sputtering)
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