What is the IRB Policy?

The IRB Policy ensures that Government of Canada defence and security procurement generate high value-added business activity for Canadian industry. The IRB Policy requires companies undertake business activities in Canada valued at 100 percent of the value of the defence or security contract they have been awarded by the Government of Canada. The IRB obligation is a contractual commitment and part of the overall government procurement contract.

Shimifrez invites expressions of interest from the USA and the EU-based Defence OEMs for the purpose of fulfilling their IRB obligations for sales and expansion of their market to the Government of Canada. Shimifrez services in precision thin metal fabrication, precision photo etching and electro-forming and has served over 20 different sectors and industries such as Aerospace, Medical instrumentation, Microelectronics. Shimifrez has helped many projects move from R&D into Production.

Experience Superior Customer Service, Cutting Edge Capabilities, And An Un-Wavering Commitment To Quality.

Shimifrez is built on the principles of making quality precision metal fabrication products and providing reliable Photo Etching services in Vaughan, Ontario and internationally. Photochemical machining (PCM), also known as photo etching, photo fabrication or photochemical milling, is a non-traditional metal fabrication/manufacturing method based on the combination of photo-resist imaging and chemical etching. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.

Shimifrez is dedicated to continuous improvement and committed to remaining a leader in the micro fabrication industry. Shimifrez is committed in introducing new products and services to maintain its leadership role. All PCM parts and products are manufactured in Concord, Canada facilities.

Partnering with Shimifrez Inc

The advantages

Shimifrez Canada can manufacture highly intricate metal components and integrate them into next higher assemblies on a build-to-print basis for foreign OEMs.

For foreign OEMs, Shimifrez will offer in-service technical support for the expected life of the program. Fully compliant ISO 9100 Rev C Quality Assurance Procedures.

As a defence contractor, Shimifrez can offer a variety of technology-based engineering facilities in the fields of military and aerospace sheet metal fabrication.

Highly secured and protected facilities fully compliant with the Canadian Controlled Goods program and RATI regulatory procedures.
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