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New Services, fresh thinking, new machinery and New location – all are combining to kick-start a new generation of thin metal components proudly made in Canada.

Precision photo-chemical etching is a cost effective method for producing complex flat metal parts for prototyping and quantity production. Photo Chemical Etching has eliminated the cost of hard tooling and has enabled a manufacturing process accurately and much faster turn-around with No deformation and burrs. “We recognized that there’s a major market gap, for accurate, flexible and cost effective thin metal components and services, new advanced technologies and investments in state-of-the-art capital equipment are lowering production costs, increasing productivity and allowing for the creation of new innovative products” says Shimifrez’s president Hassan Nojoumi.

The fastest response time and lowest photo tooling costs make photo chemical machining and electroforming ideal for both prototyping and medium / large production quantities. Instead of stamping, or laser cutting Photo Etching produces highly accurate and identical components for small and large batches.

Hassan Nojoumi, President of Shimifrez Inc added, “Shimifrez is committed to a culture of continuous improvement. As 9100 certification illustrates our ongoing efforts to improve in all areas of our business, we already observe stringent quality standards since we supply highly regulated industries such as medical and micro electronics. It demonstrates our commitment to quality”.
With over 35 of experience in the field of micro metal fabrication, Shimifrez’s activities in photo chemical etching and electro-forming is far reaching and can include creating critical components for satellites and instrumentation’s to micro meshes/grids and super fine sieves, lead frames, ultra micro metal parts, shadow and sputtering masks, fluidic channels, reticles, shims, targets, RFI/EMI/ESD board level shielding, heat sinks, Bipolar plates and consumer wearable technologies. Components can be manufactured in stainless steels, nickel alloys, beryllium copper, Metglas, Hastelloy, phosphorous bronze, kovar, inconel, DCB substrates and aluminum alloys to name a few. Shimifrez offers a rapid-response service to deliver micro components to several precision industries such as the aerospace/satellite, Medical, Automotive, Telecommunications and micro- electronics sectors. The demand now exists for relatively thin between 0.0005” (0.01mm) to 0.040” (1mm), complex design and intricate metal components at an economical price. Shimifrez is capable of making parts from 0.02X0.02” (2X2mm) and feature size of less than 15 microns.

Canada’s leading manufacturer of thin metal parts