University Collaborations

Shimifrez is committed to supporting North America’s academia’s and R&D of the future. We take pride in supporting the Photo chemical milling technology requirements of colleges and universities nationally and internationally.

We offer a variety of high precision photomask solutions including Computer Aided Drafting, Film Photoplots and Custom Application Photototools, Grant writing and partnerships in R&D with universities. Students, professors and developmental research teams will be supported from start to finish.

Shimifrez Benefits

Fast Turn around Prototypes

Delivery of your conctacts and connector in less than 5 days

Reduce the risk of hard tooling

Burr and Stress free components

Design changes and modifications can be done within hours.

Fast lead time for you to reduce your time to market


  • A university discount on all of our provided services and consultancies
  • Turn key solutions to your problems
  • Expert assistance with design and manufacturing
  • In-house CAD conversion services
  • In house photo-tooling services
  • High quality and fast turnaround to help your researches
  • Micro-fabrication solutions
  • Industry partnership
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