Photo Etching Vs. Other Cutting Techniques



StampingElectroformingWire EDMLaser CutWater Jet
Test Samples

< 100

Low costHigh costLow costLow costLow costMedium cost
BurrsZero burrsPartial burringZero burrsMicro burringMicro burringMicro burring
MetalsAll base metals & alloysMetal alloysMainly Gold, Copper & NickelMetal alloysMetal alloysAll base metals & alloys
StressNo stressStress at the cutting edgeLow stressStructural changes may occurThermal stressStress at the cutting edge
Design ChangesFast & cost effectiveVery costly & time consumingFast & cost effectiveFast & cost effectiveFast & cost effectiveFast & cost effective
Lead Time< 24-48 hoursSeveral weeksSeveral days48 hours48 hours48 hours
HardnessNo limitsIssues with soft & brittle metalsLimitedLimited hardnessNo limitsLimited hardness

(% of material thickness)

± 10%± 10%± 5%± 10%± 5%± 15%