The PCM Process

​Accurate, flexible & cost effective chemical blanking for any volume.
​We would like to introduce Shimifrez as a micro manufacturer/fabricator of parts and consumable components for all makes and models of Chemical Etching/Photo Fabrication. We are dedicated to providing continuous measurable improvements in all our products and processes to assure that we continually exceed our customers’ expectations. We manufacture precision photo chemically etched components to your standards and specified tolerances. These commitments enable us to achieve the highest level of quality on every project. Our metal etching facilities based in Ontario Canada can help you with your needs of precision manufactured components.

PCM has provided a rapid-response service to deliver components to several precision industries over the past decades. The demand has been for relatively thin (< 0.8mm thick), complex design, intricate components at an economic price. Shimifrez photo fabrication production group provides components to many markets throughout the world.


Industry Solutions for Photochemical Machining Requirements

  • Aerospace custom components
  • Automotive custom components
  • Board Level Shielding
  • Connectors and Contacts
  • Consumer Electronics
  • DCB Circuits
  • Defence custom components
  • Encoder Discs
  • Evaporation Masks
  • IRB obligations
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Shadow Masks
  • Shims
  • Specialty Designs
  • Ultra Micro Parts
  • Universities