Board Level Shielding (EMI/RFI/ESD shields)

​Custom Board Level RFI/EMI Shielding products
Shimifrez EMI/RFI board level shielding parts assure the performance and maintainability of communications equipment, medical, radar applications and wave guides, computers, control systems, telecommunications, consumer and industrial electronics. EMI and ESD shields provide isolation of board-level components, and reduce the disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic induction or a radio frequency disturbance.

Flexible design

  • There is no limitation on complexity of shape in PCM.
  • All parts are burr and stress free.
  • Any aperture configuration can be accommodated.
  • Bend lines enable shielding enclosures to be formed with hand.

Dependable supply

  • Very quick delivery from ‘agreed design’ to supply of finished parts.
  • Economical pricing

  • Tooling is very inexpensive.
  • Modification to tooling can be done quickly and economically.

Bend channels

Hand-foldable, etched bend channels are one of the unique features that Shimifrez can incorporate into your RFI/EMI shielding enclosure. In the common metal thickness, our etched bend channels allow anyone to bend the sidewalls of a shield from a 2D blank to a 3D finished shield easily, quickly and precisely. You can compare bend channels to this feature as “metal origami”.

Bend channels can offer you several benefits.

First, although the etched bend channels are typically intended to create 90º right angle bends, they can also be used to create acute angle bends between 0º and 90º.

Second, since your shielding enclosure can be formed without the need for any traditional forming tooling, you can typically save hundreds of dollars in tooling and several days of delivery lead time for your prototype and production needs.

Third, because the etched bend channels exhibit a zero inside radii when formed, you can save space on your board by reducing the clearance necessary between the shield and the components within it.


  • Enclusure shields
  • EMI/RFI/ESD shields
  • Connector shields
  • One or two piece screening cans
  • Vents
  • Mesh/ Grids

Fast Turn around Prototypes

  • Delivery of your Board level shield (RFI/EMI/ESD) in less than 5 days
  • Reduce the risk of hard tooling
  • Burr and Stress free components
  • Design changes and modifications can be done within hours.
  • Fast lead time for you to reduce your time to market

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